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DS! All Brand under $100! AATP and Meta ~

All the items are brand new and the Meta items have the tags still on. I only tried on once for sizing. Measurements are ameture so if you are unsure about sizing I can look into it further for you.

First person to pot their paypal address gets the item, I want to sell these quickly so I would prefer no payment plan or trades. Prices do not include shipping. Willing to send as gift to avoid PP fees.
If you have any questions about the items, just ask!


Meta Black chiffon blouse
Bust: 90 cm Waist: 73 cm
Price- $80

This is a really nice blouse, and because of the material would look best under a JSK without adding any extra poof. It has also has waist ties but are more for decoration than sizing.

Meta LP skirt
Waist: 25-36 inches
Price- $99

This is a really nice skirt because it has an elastic waist so it fits a variety of sizes. It is also not overtly sweet so it could be worn for a more mature look.

AATP Lp blouse
Bust: 28- 35 inches
Price- $89

I really really wish I didn't have to sell this because it is such a nice blouse, but sadly it doesn't fit. This blouse his a nice little clip bow at the neck that would fit for classic gothic or sweet styles

Tags: !ds, *plus size, alice and the pirates, metamorphose
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