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DS: Putumayo Bunny Ear Coat

My Feedback here

Putumayo Bunny Coat - $260US including shipping to Canada and US. Please ask about overseas.

I got this coat as Christmas present last year. I'm no longer wearing lolita and it was from my now ex so I don't really want it anymore. It has been worn less than 10 times. I have found no dirt or any flaws on it. I would not advise this coat for use in very cold weather. It is wool but it's very thin.

Approximate maximum measurements -
Bust - 38"
Waist - 31"

These measurements are just from me trying it on. I don't have a measuring tape at the moment so they are probably not completely accurate. It might go an inch either way but don't take my word for it.


Another pic on my pupe

And more at the Putumayo website

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. And happy Valentine's Day to you all :)
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