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DS! Plus-sized petti, purse, blouses, bag, accessories, and WTB. Cheap stuff here

Hello everyone!
My feedback:
My Ebay feedback:
Payment by PayPal only.
I do not have any pets
Paypal and shipping are not included.
Please give me your zipcode so I can price the shipping.
I do holds, but you must pay 20% up front. This deposit is non-refundable.
Priority goes to whoever offers the highest or leaves their email first


I bought this because I needed a poofy petti fast, but it's too big for me. Fits a 50+ inch waist better. It's pinned back on the mannequin. Very good poof.

Great blouse, very cute, but too small for me. Recommended for people with 34in busts and below.

Same as above.

Cute Wet Seal tan blouse, in size small. One of the buttons is missing.

Cream/yellow faux fur pillbox hat

This is a more accurate representation of the color
THIS IS NOT WHITE, IT IS A CREAMY YELLOW. My camera didn't capture the true color of the hat. Selling because I have a big head. :( It's very cute.

Jane Marple Socks

Somewhat warped, priced accordingly.

Hello Kitty brand Chococat Purse

Inside of purse

Adorable and soft Chococat bag, with whiskers and blue gingham lining.

Looking for:

Red or white shoes in this style in a US size 11/Japanese size 27

Hair bands and hats. Hoping to see somewhat intricate ones like this:

Brand skirts with prints, especially Merry Sweet Castle in brown!

Tags: !ds, !wtb, jane marple, offbrand
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