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DS/DT: Chocomint Luckypack items and Bodyline Bolero Now with discounts!

Hello all! Welcome to my sales!

Terms of sales-
  • I'm located in Lancaster, UK. Prices are in GBP (£)
  • Shipping is INCLUDED FOR UK BUYERS, International please ask for a quote.
  • First to leave paypal adress has priority
  • I am open to trades! Show me what you have ^^
  • Feel free to offer other prices, I'm willing to haggle.
  • My feedback - community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/561969.html
  • And lastly, apologies for the poor quality pictures, my student room has very poor lighting.
  • Any questions, please ask!
Bodyline Bolero in cream

Very cute and lacey. I love it, but it dosen't fit me. Only tried on, never worn. Fits roughly a 34 inch bust, I'm a 37.5 inch bust and it really did not fit! SOLD Thank you.

Chocomint Lucky Pack Items!

Various left overs from my Chocomint Lucky packs. Never worn or used.
Sundae Phone strap- £3
Bunny/mouse thing phone strap- £5 SOLD! Thank you!
Doughnut Phone strap- £4
Pink and blue hair tie- £3
Pom pom candy hair tie- £3

Pink Velvet bow hairband

Never worn, from Chocomint Lucky Pack. Not shiney like in the photo, made of velvet with cute pearls on the bow.

Chocomint Lucky Pack Candles

I hope I'm allowed to post these, I saw some other users selling theirs so I hope I'll be alright to ^^
I'm selling my entire candle Lucky Pack because I'm not allowed candles in my university halls.
Buy as a set- £15(Heavy)
Icecream candles- £3 each or £5 for both.
Sold, thank you!
Yankee candle (Vanilla Lime)- £1.50
Mint cake candle- £2
Heart candle- £1.50
Bread candles- £3

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to trade me anything! Thank you very much for looking.
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