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DS: JSK, Pettis, skirt & HK top.

♥ I only accept PayPal :)
♥ I'm not interested in trades at the moment.
♥ I have school from 9am to 5.30pm, but will do all I can to have goods shipped in a timely manner!
♥ Don't be afraid to ask for more pictures/pictures of garments worn.
♥ For those with serious allergies, please note that I have a dog, but she is kept away from my clothes. Most garments that may have been in contact with her have been washed and inspected.
♥ My mum is a smoker. I do my best to keep garments away from cigarette smoke after washing, but sometimes there may be a very faint odour.


1. Blue Bodyline JSK

Worn once for a photoshoot.
€25 shipped

2. Bodyline Petti

Not much poof, but would be good to give an extra bit of lift to another petti.
€13 shipped

3. Bodyline Petti 2

Once again, not a great deal of poof, but would be good layered.
€19 shipped

Will sell both pettis together for €26 shipped

4. Bodyline Overskirt

Worn once. This is missing the bottom two buttons on the waist, which must have just fallen out due to being sewn in too loosely, and I have been unable to find decent buttons to replace them :/
€17 shipped

5. Black Bodyline Skirt

Sorry about the lighting, it's hard to take a picture of it. It is a true black. For some reason, it does not have a Bodyline tag, though I am sure it is from Bodyline.
Length: 51cm
Waist: 65-78cm (approx)
€16 shipped

6. Hello Kitty top

I bought this in H&M  around Christmas 2007. I only tried it on once, to find that it didn't fit me in the bust (T.T) and I haven't worn it since.
It's an EU size 36.
€32 shipped

Tags: !ds, bodyline

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