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BOTH SOLD! DS: BtSSB "Bunny Milk and Snow" set & Body Line bolero

Hello everyone!
First off, a few things about my sales:
My feedback is here:
Price is in USD, and shipping is included in the US.  I will ship internationally, but I will have to charge you extra for the difference in shipping costs.  Please ask if you're interested :)
I'm not interested in trades for these items.

Body Line bolero in bright pink SOLD

$25 shipped in US
I bought this off the sales comm and have never worn it (the sleeves are a bit short on me).  It's still in excellent condition as far as I can tell.  It's been sold out on the Body Line website for a while.

bust: 84 cm/33" (according to the website)  It's more like 80 cm +
sleeve length: 56 cm/ 22"
sleeve width: 28 cm/11" (your upper arm should be this or smaller for it to fit right)

stock picture of the blue version:

proof picture (from my wardrobe post):

Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Bunny Milk and Snow" ribbon jsk + bonnet in sax blue SOLD
$120 OBO shipped in US
This set is from one of the San Francisco store lucky packs last year!  I've only worn it once, and decided it just doesn't suit me that well.  I'm not such a fan of bonnets, snow, or the color blue ^^;

M size
measurements from Baby:
Bust: 91~102cm (35.84~40.17inch)
Waist: 73~82cm (28.75~32.29inch)
Length (including straps and pom-pom trim):95cm (37.41inch) 

stock photo of the jsk:

proof picture (from my wardrobe post):

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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