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!WTB Black Blouse, SUPER fluffy petti for heavier fabric JSK

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Hello there! I always have a problem buying blouses...they never button up over my chest! I have an event next Sunday and I wanted to get a new blouse. I've been wearing the same black blouse...as I only own that one... *pout*!!

My measurements are:

Bust: 45 inches
waist: 36 - 38 inches

Here are some styles of blouses that I like:

I bought this JSK from Qutie land, but the two pettis I own just don't stand up to it.

One petti is from Anna house, the other is just an offbrand basic one for lighter dresses. With those on, it still doesn't hold up the dress and you can't even see all the detail and the pretty bows of my JSK DX.

Here is the JSK:

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, anna house, bodyline, fanplusfriend, offbrand
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