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!DS/!DT12 items: leaving lolita sale! trade: jpunk and gyaru


Hello everyone~!

 I ship from the Netherlands
Shipping is expensive! so I prefer to only ship within Europe.
All prices are in euro, not including paypal fees.
You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.
I’m not responsible for lost/stolen packages if you don’t pay for tracking/insurance.
Please ask me if you want to know how much the shipping to your country is.
I try to find out as soon as possible but it might take a day because I have to go to the post office to check it.
Accepting trades for
-          Jpunk (h.naoto, sexpot revenge, Putumayo, sexy dynamite London, banana fish, listen flavour etc.)
-          gyaru (tralala, lizlisa, gold infinity, ma*rs etc.)
-          Cute jewelry (chocomint etc.)

Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1118136.html

I’m a new seller, this cute dolphin with top hat will be used as my proof now ^_^


 1. Mew jsk
This lovely jumperskirt was used only 2 times and as good as new!
It’s missing the waist ties but you won’t notice it if your waist is 66 cm or larger.

Mew jsk measurements:

bust: 80-90 cm
waist: 65-79 cm
length: 92 cm

 price: 99 euro

 2. Bodyline (rare!) alice cards jsk
This was my very first jsk and I actually don’t want to sell it, but since I don’t wear it I should sell it anyway..
It’s worn but in good condition!
It was a little altered at the bottom layer but it’s not noticeable.
Also the straps were made much shorter, but you can just cut the sewing threads to make them as long as they were.


Length without straps: 70 cm
With straps 85 cm
Bust: 83 cm
Waist: free

 Price: 60 euro

3. Angelic pretty replica bunny jsk
This was a beautiful replica made by my friend.
Worn about 3 times.
There are very small holes of a button at the head of the bunny.

Length without straps: 77 cm
Length with straps: 85-90 cm?
Waist: up to 72 cm

 Price: 130 euro

 4. White heartbuckle shoes from taobao
Worn only once.
Note: The buckles are a little small for the straps! It might be little hard to attach them.


Size EU 36: 23 cm
Price: 30 euro

 5. Metamorphose temps le fille bolero
Unworn with ticket

Length sleeves: 59 cm
Price: 40 euro


6. ACDC rag harajuku strawberry sleeveless hoodie
Unworn with ticket!


Price: 27 euro

 7. Bodyline cat bolero

Measurements: free, size XS/S/M
Price: 15 euro


8. Hello kitty t-shirt with big heart
Cute shirt with big heart, worn.

Size: they said it’s size S/M but I would say it’s size XS/S it’s quite short and I recommend to wear this with a waist skirt.

Price: 12 euro


9. Rose melody merry-go round jsk (limited edition)
Worn few times, good condition


Length: 90 cm
Waist: 67 cm
Bust: 83 cm

Price: 70 euro

 10. Sweets offbrand harajuku skirt
I got this from ebay but it was too long for me, never worn

Length: 48 cm
Waist: 50 – 100 cm

Price: 40 euro


11. Bodyline bolero blue
This bolero is worn but in good condition

Price: 20 euro SOLD

 12. Banana fish dress
This one is brand new, I just got it out of package and it isn't ironed so if you want to see a picture what it looks like worn, let me know.


Size: free
Length: 65 cm

Price: 40 euro

Thanks for watching, let me know if you have questions!


Tags: bodyline, metamorphose, mew, rose melody
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