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!DS: AP Heart Replica Bag, Baby Wristcuffs, Queen's Coach Necklace, and a few other things!


~My feedback can be found at eglfeedback and in my journal
~All Prices in USD
~Paypal only, fees will be added to price, unless you'd like to do a personal payment.
NO ECHEQUES. Payment must be made within a few days.
~Priority goes to the person who leaves their PayPal address,
unless there is more than one person interested in an item, in that case best offer gets it :)
~I'm happy to answer any questions, and take more pictures :)
~All pictures are clickable to make them bigger
~May be interested in trades, depends on item(s) offered.
~Will do holds with a non-refundable 20% deposit.
~These items are from a pet- and smoke-free home.
~All measurements are amateur, so please ask if you're worried about something fitting you!
~I have a 33in/84cm bust, and 28in/71cm waist for reference. I'm about 5'3.


~US Buyers only, unless you're really willing to pay the international costs (US buyers still have priority).

~Shipping not included in price unless stated.
~I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
~Items will be shipped within a few days of payment; I'll let you know when they get shipped.
~if you want delivery confirmation or insurance on any item, please let me know.
~If you'd like to pick up an item in person, that's fine with me ^^

My pony will be my proof of ownership


Item One
Handmade Bead Bottles

these are little bottles with beads in them,
originally purchased for a project that didn't work out (wish bottles, if you're interested)
so i decided to just make them and sell them as is ^^

Please indicate which color you'd like! and for the pink, please indicate the smaller or bigger bottle.

Price: $12 shipped each

pictures of bead colors in natural light:
||  Dark Blue  ||  Bright Blue  ||  Clear/White  ||  Pink (assorted colors)  ||

I also have one more bottle that contains sand and crushed up sea shells. this is the same size as the small pink bottle.
(i didn't like the picture i took today of it, so i used one that i took before)

I have three types of chains, please choose one:
~18" thin chain & 24" thick chain || both worn || comparison. two of each available.
~16" silver chains || closeup || worn. four available.

~Alternatively, I have cell phone charms, six available.


Item Two
Bodyline Headdress
Price: $7 shipped, or best offer
Color: Black x White

decided headdresses aren't my thing,
so time to find a new home for this one :)
in perfect condition, only worn once.


Item Three
Handmade Headbow
Price: $8 shipped, or best offer
Color: White

Made out of a hard, glittery tulle material,
tied with a ribbon in the middle,
and fastened in place on a pearl headband.

Unfortunately i just didn't like this as much
as i thought i would :(


Item Four
Angelic Pretty Replica Heart Bag
Price: $40 shipped, or best offer
Color: Sax Blue 

Brand new.
When I got this, it was adorable,
but I just wasn't as excited as
I normally am when I get packages.
Realized I'd rather have the money for it.

Length: 23.5 cm
Height: 19 cm
Width: 7.5 cm


Item Five
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Wristcuffs
Price: $30 shipped, or best offer
Color: Offwhite

Used, but show no signs of wear.
These are really cute, but I realized I just never wear them.

Would be interested in a pair of AP wristcuffs for a trade!


I also have a Queen's Coach Necklace here with a price reduction!

thank you so much for looking!
any questions? feel free to ask!

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