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DS/DT ★ Emily Temple Cute biscuit print OP ★

Help me find a home for this mistake purchase!

Emily Temple Cute  'Biscuit Print' OP in Lavender Blue

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I tried Pretty Graffiti's shopping service for the first time and unfortunately she purchased the incorrect item on my behalf. She has indicated that the easiest way to resolve this is to re-sell the item myself here, after I failed to find a buyer for it on Facebook. 

This is a lovely piece that has completely sold out in stores, but it just isn't designed for my D-cup bust! It is in brand new condition with the tag still attached. 

I measured the garment laying flat. It measures 18" across the bust area and the waist and hips are free. The length from shoulder to knee is 32". I think it would fit most sizes as it is very forgiving, and would look cute with a matching belt as well.

I am not sure how to price this so I am open to offers. It cost ¥23,940 (US $287) and I paid a 15% commission plus ¥3,000 shipping. 

If I am able to get the commission refunded, I would like to get around $300 for it. Please make offers! Altenatively, if you have the sleeveless JSK version in the same colour, I will immediately trade for it as that is what I wanted to buy. 

I am also open to offers on an Angelic Pretty Toy Parade SK here.

Shopping Directions!

♬ To buy, simply post a comment with (1) the name of the item you'd like to purchase, (2) whether you need local or international shipping and (3) a valid paypal address. If you are unable to supply all three pieces of information I may defer to the next available buyer. Please do not use PMs.

♬ Prices are listed in US dollars. 

♬ I am only able to accept Paypal, but if you live in Sydney, I will happily arrange local pick-up (minus shipping costs, of course!) paid in cash or through Paypal.

♬ Paypal fees are not included in the listed price. For local sales, please add 2.9% + 30¢. For international cross-border transactions, please add 3.9% + 30¢. (For reference, I use Ryan Olbe's PayPal calculator.) 

♬ I live in a clean, smoke-free, pet-free home and take very good care of my clothes.
♬ I have +39 feedback. My feedback page is here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you~ ^^;

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