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!WTB: some classic, some sweet

Hello EGL! I'm just starting out, so this is my first WTB post here. I think I've covered everything, but let me know if I'm missing any information! (Forgot to relink the feedback the first time, so xD)

I'm looking for

- White or kinari / ivory blouses fitting 32" bust, 28" waist; prefer reasonably-priced brand, but I'll look at anything!
- Putumayo or any of the H.Naoto brands (frill, blood, anarchy, etc) fitting the same measurements. I like skirts, but I'm also interested in JSKs, one pieces, bags, slingbags, salopettes, miniskirts, etc.
- Navy things :3
- Hairpieces... I'm unfortunately missing quite a bit in the accessories department, please show me what you have. No sweet / hot pink please!

I'm also putting out WTB for a friend of mine (who's at a conference right now, so she can't fend for herself D: ), since I know her tastes pretty well. Please beware, she's a sweet lolita, so her things are different from mine.

- Sweet jewelry
- Brand OTKs, especially AP. I think she's searching for the white version of the socks for Wonder Cookie? Or Dreamy Dollhouse.
- Mint things

I think that's it!

I have positive feedback here, and I have a Mary Magdalane OP / Bodyline cutsew to trade for here, that unfortunately doesn't fit me. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you =] 
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, h.naoto, putumayo
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