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!WTB: Motorola droid2 cute case

Hi girls!

I'm the happy owner of a Motorola Droid2. It's not a common cell phone in Europe so I can't find a case in any store (not even a plain one I could customize!!!). So I looked online:
- I ordered a cute one from China, it arrived broken and was really bulky.
- I ordered an other one from the US, thinking maybe a US seller would sell better quality products, it's total crap and won't even fit my phone!!!

=> I'm getting quite desperate...

Can someone (preferably who owns the Droid2 to be sure it will fit) could sell me a nice case? Something cute that would go well with lolita style. Preferably with a hole to hold charms.
I'm open to cute printed ones or if you are commissioning cute cases and worked with the Droid2 before, that's an option I'm willing to look at too!!!

I'm from France and my EGL feedback is available here

(To the Mod team: I know that EGL comm sales is mostly about clothes but to me having a plain cell phone is like having to wear the cutest lolita dress ever with black sneakers ^^''
I hope my post is ok with the comm rules, if not just tell me so!!! )

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