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DS! Hand made head bows, two flat head dresses, and Hello Kitty purse

Hello all! Please read my terms and conditions before commenting! :D

Terms and Conditions

(**) U.S. buyers only, please.

(**) All prices include shipping and Paypal fees unless otherwise stated. Items will be shipped with delivery confirmation and packed in plastic wrapping. If you would like additional services, please let me know and I can add that to your total. :D

(**) I do live with pets, specifically cats. I will do my best to remove any kitty hair that may be on any of these pieces despite them being stored in a hat box with a lid.

(**) I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. If you are afraid of such an event, I would advise to add insurance to your item ($2.00 extra).

(**) No refunds or exchanges, please.

(**) By purchasing through this post, you agree to my terms and conditions. Thank you!

My feedback! (100% positive)

*!!*Also note, I am available for commissions of head bows and flat headdresses for now. I do dabble in tote bags and have examples of those as well as many bows in my journal here. Thanks so much and have a look at what I have for sale! :D

*!!* All bows pictured here are new and include finished head bands. :)

Item 1

Price: $20

Item 2

Price: $18

Item 3

Price: $20

Item 4:

Price: $17

Please note, the musical note ribbon along the top piece has a tendency to fade upon handling. I did not realize this to be true until I attached it to the piece and saw some fading of the notes. It still looks lovely enough to wear and the price reflects this flaw.

Item 5

: $18

Item 6

Price: $20

Item 7

Price: $20

Item 8

Price: $18

Item 9

Price: $12

Item 10

This bow was commissioned by another user here that returned it because it did not match her blue items. I agreed to do an exchange in this circumstance for another color and as far as I can tell, it was never worn by her. Also, the color of the bow looks closer to this color.

Price: $22

Item 11

Price: $29

Please note, this is a make up box and is not intended to hold many items like a normal purse. This is perfect for photo shoots or what it's intended for. I purchased this brand new from Sanrio's site thinking I would get use from this and never did. It's been sitting in a box safely for months. :\  I would also like to point out there is a small "scratch" going across the front of the purse that's only noticeable when up close (I purchased it this way). This purse was $28 on their site plus $10 shipping. I will be losing money on this but I would like to get most of it back at the price I have it up for sale.

*!* Prices for these items are lower than what I would normally charge for my hand made pieces because I have had these items for a long time and need to see them in proper homes.

Thanks so much for looking and if you have any questions or concerns, please comment any time. I am always on my computer! ^o^

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