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WTB: A brand noob starter kit! (well, kinda)

WTB: Starting out.

Hi I am starting out and so I aiming to get these staples to slowly start out my wardrobe. I am from the UK so UK/Europe items are best but I will still consider larger items from outside. My current only bought item is a pair of BTSSB boots, I am hoping to have gotten lucky enough to reserve a VR JSK but I have no clue yet.

Stuff I'd like:

1) 1 JSK
Preferably something black or easy to wear. Pattern in most colours is fine, prefer smaller patterns to large ones.
2) 1 Skirt
Again something simple, pattern isn't ruled out.
3) 2 Blouses
One white short sleeved, one black long sleeved.
4) 1 Petticoat
Moderate poof. Nearer to A line than bell shaped I'd say.
5) Accessories
Show me what ya got with this one. Hair pieces, jewellery, bags, socks etc. But keep in mind my style, suggesting pink bunny hangbags probably won't be met with much enthusiasm. ;)


Style: I'm more of a classic shape, inclined to put elements of other styles into such as gothic maybe punk. Not against sweet as long as it's not too OTT. Essentially I am carefully picking items I can wear on a normal basis as well as a Lolita coord.

Colours: I likely will not buy brown, orange, red and earthy greens or some dark muted colours. Black and white are definitely fine, a lot of bright colours will be too (though I irk at primary colours such as red, blue and yellow being mixed), some pastels also.

Patterns: I prefer smaller intricate patterns to larger all-over ones. Quite like some musical note patterns and those more leaning to gothic. Less of the bunnies though!

Brands: I am happy with most brands but I have supplied a few pictures with some I like. If you have good replicas or off brand pieces of something you think I really might like then do feel free to suggest it anyway!

Photo Ideas:

Sorry if this is rather long. :) Don't be put off at suggesting anything though, worst I can do is politely decline!

Feedback thread:

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