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DS Pink AP blouse, chocomint Alice luckypack, a few chocomint accessories and some free things!

Ship from UK, prices in USD, prices include shipping and pp fees, one free item per customer, first to confirm gets, yadda yadda

Feedback link (+37)

Pink Angelic Pretty blouse. This blouse is wonderfully customisable! The sleeves, frill at the top, cross straps and middle bow can all be removed.

I haven't measured it but if you want I can do that when I get home from work. It's actually a bit bigger than standard AP sizing which is why I'm selling it.

$90 USD shipped worldwide (going by prices similar blouses have sold for here but feel free to haggle!)
Sold, thanks!

Chocomint Alice luckypack. Bought new from Chocomint and nothing has been opened or taken out. Lots of Alice items in here!

$50 USD shipped worldwide
Sold, thanks!

Large fluffy bow two way clip in cherry pink.

$12 USD shipped worldwide
Sold, thanks!

lavender and pink headbow

$15 USD shipped worldwide Payment pending

pair of hair slides.

$8 USD shipped worldwide

Bunny phone charm (real fur)

$8 USD shipped worldwide

doughnut bag charm

$8 USD shipped worldwide


Chocomint chocolate and strawberry cake phone charm - free with purchase (just ask). I have an iPhone and thus can't have phone charms :( boo! Also, there was a photo but I noticed a hair and now I'm too embarrassed! *^^* It'll be hair free when shipped! XD

Chocomint dollop of cream hairslide - free with purchase (just ask). Not really my style.

off-brand pleather bow hair ties - free with purchase (just ask). Had these forever but they're not really my style any more. If anyone else can use them all the better.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, chocomint
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