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I'm looking to commission one of you talented ladies to create a high resolution figure drawing for me that will be printed as a die cut promotional sticker for my accessory business. If I'm pleased with the final product it's likely I will become a repeat customer as I am hoping to launch my own website soon (so you can think of this as sort of a test run!) Although I want the image to have a Lolita theme, I'm looking for a well rounded artist with experience in drawing outside of a Lolita or anime style. I would like someone who is willing to work with me to create the 'perfect' final piece and make changes to the design if necessary. Please be professional and ready to conduct business in a timely manner. I do not have a set price in mind but I will pay half upfront (via Paypal) and half upon completion. If you are interested in the position please PM me with a rate quote and links to examples of your work. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Edit: I just wanted to add a little more specific information so you all have a better idea what I am asking for. I'd like a little lolita figure loosely based on my avatar. It needs to include the red and black birdcage veil, but hair style etc. is really up to your imagination. Many of my customers are not affiliated with Lolita so I'd like it to appeal to the retro, gothic, rockabilly crowd too. I'm also considering a second image to appeal to my sweet lolitas and brides. It needs to say 'Jilted Coquette' some where on the image, although this may just be as type under the figure. I do not need a hard copy, but a full color 300+ dpi digital file that should allow for a 1/8 inch bleed for the die cutting process. The final sticker size is going to be in the 2.5" x 3.5" range, but ultimately depends on what you come up with, and what the printers will allow. I'm going to leave this open through the weekend and make my decision on Monday.
Thank you!
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