Riuris (aonele) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB/WTT: red shoes under $40 shipped

Terms of Service/stuff you need to know
  1. I'm located in near Chicago, IL, USA. I LOVE picking up items locally at meets to save on shipping :P
  2. Here's my eglfeedback page. I've also got feedback on ebay as TerminalHeavensR.
  3. Please provide feedback if you're interested in selling/trading with me

What I'm looking for:
-Red shoes size 25.5-26 (BL sizing) or US Women's size 9.5 (insoles must measure about 10.2 inches)
-Under $40 shipped
-No specific brands, but I like quite a few of the following, my preference from left to right:
I only use images from BL since they were the easiest to find. Again brand doesn't matter, so long as you've got something red and cute.
-I'm willing to pay more for the Bordello Whimsey Boots in Red (the boots from above pics), but I can actually get them for a fairly low price elsewhere, so keep that in mind.
-I prefer non-enamel over enamel
-I prefer heels over flats. More heels=better! 
-I'm open to partial trades or trades! Please let me know what you're looking for so we can work something out. 
-I do not like ballet flats nor rocking horse shoes. You can offer them, but they're on the bottom of my list. 

Anything else, just ask! Thanks for reading! <3
Tags: !wtb, any brand, bodyline, offbrand
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