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WTB/WTC: Accessories

Feedback is here: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/540165.html

My family is going to Disneyland this August (YAY) and I want to wear Lolita one day. Two obstacles to this: 1) My family is conservative about my clothing. This trip is mostly so my little sister can experience Disneyland at least once in her life, and I don't want fighting about my clothes to spoil that. 2) Park security. Once again, I don't want anything to spoil our trip, even temporarily.

I think that a nice, simple JSK or OP would pass inspection by both parties. On to the description (sorry if it's not clear, I have a vague picture in my head):

*Solid antique green or pink colorway, or a moderate print
*Simple, fitted bodice
*Bow in the back or wide waist ties would be nice
*Full skirt (if I commission I'll be looking at a circle-ish skirt with a semi-built in petti)
*If an OP, it would need to be short sleeved. I'm going back and forth about JSK vs OP because while I like JSKs better, JSK+blouse does add another layer of clothing over my stomach, and that could get hot.
*I'm picky about length, so it would need to be at least 37" from shoulder to hemline.

I'm thinking something that resembles a 1950s dress?

Seamstresses found! Thanks!

I'm also looking to buy accessories for the outfit. I'd need the following in white: a bolero/coverup for any splashy rides, OTK socks (rather plain, something like these or these), hat, bag and jewelry. If you think you have something that would work, let me know! ^_^

I'd prefer it if you were in the US due to shipping hassles, but we can talk. ;-)

Thanks for looking and for any help you can give!
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