magnifiquesweets (magnifiquesweet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DT: BTSSB Usakumya rucksack(Sold- No longer available!)

My feedback page here : My feedback page

I bought this Usakumya rucksack(the largest version) from BTSSB, San Francisco at the beginning of December and never worn it out once since then. It's super adorable, love it so much!It's super soft and huge!<3 That's mainly why I've decided to post it up for trade... Where I live it's not safe to carry such a big thing around lol anyways it's basically new, no stain tears or anything since it never leaves its BTSSB bag :)

Cost of Usakumya: $174USD with tax $191~

I'm really hoping to get a jsk or a cute skirt for this Usakumya!~ Thank you for checking out my post! ^0^

Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright
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