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SOLD! Thank you :)


I am accepting trades for brand items, so feel free to make me an offer.
I am currently looking mostly for Angelic Pretty Bags and accessories or the BTSSB Usakumya rucksack. I'm not interested in any other AP skirts as they're usually uncomfortable on me.

♥ If you don't want to pay the higher cost of tracked shipping, please understand that once the item has left my hands, it is NOT my responsibility.
♥ I would prefer not to ship overseas because of the high, high cost. If you're willing to pay for the item to be shipped overseas, please understand that you will need to pay the elevated cost for tracking, no question. Too many packages get missing en route~
♥ If you have any questions, please ask!

I'm selling my Dreamy Dollhouse skirt in pink. For $150 $125 USD + Shipping. (I originally paid almost $200 at Tokyo Rebel)

It was bought brand new at Tokyo Rebel and only worn twice.
Please understand that the skirt WILL NOT come with the detachable waist bow. The price is discounted because of this. It does come with detachable waist ties, however.

Worn Photo:

When I first got the skirt, I moved the clasp over so it would sit lower on my waist.
I have hand stitched it back to its original location now. Here's a picture of what it looks like now.

My sewing is not immaculate, but I feel that I did a good job and it's very sturdy!

And here's what it looks like closed! :)

Measurements: (Taken from Hello Lace) 46cm length, 63~73cm waist
Please advise that it will not stretch much further than that. Which is why I moved the clasp over to begin with, which is very simple to do.

Thank you for looking!
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