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SS : Vampire Requiem reservations END

Location : France, Paris
Feedback :

Reservation rules for Vampire Requiem re-release

The reservation on BABY Japan website will start on the 10th February but if you prefer to avoid the rush, I offer 3 spots !  ^__^


* I accept paypal in € only.
* I will ship only with registered airmail/colissimo (both offer tracking number and insurance). It will cost between 15-25€ depending on your country. [==> what can i do for you if your parcel didn't arrive :  ask for an inquiry + REFUND depended on the value of the parcel (must be clearly written on the customs ticket, but I'm not responsible if you are hit by customs)]

* The following prices include (item+ travel fees+SS fees) :

  • JSK : 315€

  • skirt : 220€

  • headdress : 75€

* You can either send a personal payment to avoid the paypal fees or add 4% to the total.

* I will only reserve ONE skirt or JSK per spot (+ the matching headdress if necessary).


* I'll send you :

  • a first invoice [once the reservation is 100% confirmed ] : to pay half the fee (for instance for a skirt : 110€) This is a non-refundable deposit and holds the items for you until the release. If you can't/don't pay within 4 days, you'll lost your spot and I'll accept the next person in line. Please let me know in advance if you cannot pay in due time (with a very good explanation!).

  • a second invoice [once your item arrived in Paris]: to pay the remaining fee + shipping. I usually ship 2-3 days after the payment but if I'm too busy I'll let you know by pm. Again if you can't pay within 4 days (without a good explanation), I reserve the right to keep or sell your items to someone else.

++++ Finally, before commenting please make sure that you DO want to buy, accepted my rules, can pay with paypal and can keep up fast communication.
++++ To claim your spot, comment with the form below, I will go in order of comments received. I reserve the right to deny you a spot if you have negative/neutral or no feedback.

ITEM : JSK/skirt/headdress

COLOR : navy/red/black


SHIPPING : registered (insured up to 150€)/colissimo (full value)

YOUR PP ID (if you want to be invoiced) :



1. perfectkiller1    [black skirt/registered to Slovenia/personal payment] 1st invoice PAID / 2nd invoice PAID / SHIPPED 15th March/ FEEDBACK LEFT

2. icydawn [navy skirt/ registered to the US/invoice] 1st invoice PAID / 2nd invoice PAID / SKIRT SHIPPED 14th March
Customs : real value/  gift
Shipping address confirmed ? YES

3. ai_honey   [black skirt + headdress/registered to the UK/invoice] 1st invoice PAID/ 2nd invoice PAID / SKIRT SHIPPED 14th March
(headdress late March)
2 parcels ==> shipped with ?
Shipping address confirmed ? YES

9th March update
* the skirts are ready for the pick up <3 , ai_honey's headress is not arrived through ;___;
* I can finally use my own paypal account, hence it won't be the same address at the first invoice.
* the second invoice includes the remaining SS fees+ item and shipping with registered airmail (tracking number + insurance up to 150€ + proof of delivery ) ==> it takes about 3 business days within Europe and about 10-4 days to the US.
* I can go grab the items this Friday <3

* perfectkiller1 : I'll pm you the amount of the last invoice and my pp address. ^___^
* icydawn : I'll invoice you . :)  Would do like to lower the value on the Customs form and/or mark it as a gift ? If so, the purchased insurance will only cover the written value ... it is up to you !
* ai_honey : I'll invoice you for both the skirt and the headdress but I'll wait for the headdress to arrive to ship your parcel out, unless you prefer to have it shipped separately ? I'll ask the manager if he knows when BABY Japan will ship it (maybe it is in another parcel which was delayed by the Customs ? ) ===> Got the answer, end of this month <3

11th March update
* the 3 skirts are in my bedroom ! Will ship them tomorrow or as soon as I receive the 2nd payment :)


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