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ATTN SELLER: nanasweetloli

Does anyone know nanasweetloli?
I'm sick of chasing after her.

It's a long story but I will try to make it short. ^^;

My communication with her was very bad, just friggin' bad. I had to wait approx. 3-4 days until I received a reply from her.
I bought a BTSSB dress + bonnet from her, and I had to chase her everytime on every mail I mailed her.
'cause I had to ask her several times If It was shipped out or not + the tracking number. 
It actually took 2 weeks for her until It really got shipped out!! 

Then she let it shipped out by her "husband". And he wrote down a wrong value/price (than I actually paid for) on the package. Which means le tax~ and ofc higher than It actually was 'cause he wrote a higher value~ @___@
I was so angry and disappointed how things went 'cause the communication was bad to start with, like awful.  0/5 
And then that.. great.
I stayed the whole time nice but not that moment anymore, so I wrote her an angry mail and point down the negative stuff in this transaction/communication. 'cause I had to wait and worry for days for her reply. So I also said I expected from her a fast asap understanding reply.

First of all she replied saying It was not her fault about the value and that she can't be 24/7 on the computer<-- lol. It totally was her fault. 'cause she didn't even knew before how much her husband stated the value. AND as a responsible seller, you should ship it out self, OR atleast tell him to write down the RIGHT value. OR know about the taxing stuff. And reply faster than what she did.

I can't be 24/7 on the computer also, but when I sell stuff I'm always there fast enough to reply it for my buyers. This whole transaction made me worried like hell!
Finally in the end I did received my tracking number, but It couldn't get updated.... D: *pulls hair*

I told her that It was her own responsibily as seller that she messed up.
and I've never ever experienced such a worse unresponsible seller before! So she better fix this, like atleast helping me to pay my tax bill. 
I know this is harsh, but I also paid for shipping + tracking and expected that the seller would ship it right and fast.
So then she replied she would pay my tax bill by 3/4 of it. And that sounds quite fair. So then the only thing for me to do was waiting for my package (while It still didn't updated so I didn't even knew it would arrive or not)..

Finally week later I received my package (;__; <3), package wasn't packed well tho. The box had 2 holes on each side, a bit loose too, so what If the postman let it fell in a a puddle or It was rainy. Everything inside would get wet and dirty. (Or that's maybe me for being picky. I'm too used how I pack stuff. Putting them in bags, bubblewraps, etc and then ducktape like mad, just to be sure It would arrive alive)
But okay, luckily that didn't happened so It was okay. So I mailed her, that I was happy It has arrived, and ofc. I did got taxed. So I mailed her the 3/4 tax price of it, 'cause she said she would pay that for me. :)
3-4 days later, no reply. I thought she just continues slacking on replying again so I waited a bit longer. Still nothing.
So I mailed her again. 

And It's been almost over 2 weeks now? I still haven't got a reply from her yet. I'm very tired of chasing after her again.
If you know her please tell her I'm looking for her.. Or if, you, nanasweetloli see this, place contact me in the next 48 hours or I will unfortunately have to leave you a negative feedback. I am fairly patient when It comes to waiting but not like this.

I know I should be happy that I did received my package, but how things end like this while she promised me that she would pay 3/4 of my tax bill. Urgh. How responsible.. (Y)

Here is my feedback  (just in case I need it for this post).
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