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WTB Sweet Jam, Cherry Berry Bunny, etc

My Feedback~  

I will be using Paypal and I'm from the US. Will take offers from anywhere!

Hello everyone~ ~waves~ ; u;

My birthday's in about a month (March 13th) and I was hoping to buy one of my dream dresses~! 9 u 9

Here's my dream dresses in no particular order:

Cherry Berry Bunny

Cherry Berry Bunny OP blue Pictures, Images and Photos
Will take the OP or either jumper skirt~

Sax (baby blue) is my first choice of colorways~ Yellow would be my second, and pink would be my third~ Just no red. XD

Sweet Jam

My grail~~ > w <

Sweet Jam, OP Pictures, Images and Photos

Wants the OP or the JSK. Just not the sundress JSK version!

Pink is my absolute favorite!~~ Though I'd possibly take yellow too.

Milky-chan of the fawn

milky chan op Pictures, Images and Photos

Op or JSK.

Pink colorway's my top choice!~

But if not, then white I suppose.
If anyone also has some bloomers and blouses for sale I'd also like to see those! c:

Thank you all so much for your time! > u < <33 Please don't be upset if I decline your offer as the price might be too high and I don't want to make my parents spend too much unless I can help pay for some.

Have a lovely day~! <3
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