cami_s (cami_s) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB : classic lolita OP, IW, MM, Any brand

I'm in France
And pay by paypal !

Feedback page

WTB list :
For this WTB I'm not looking for JSK, only One piece, I prefer sleeves on the dresses ^^
I'm looking for classical piece.  

I prefer the style from : 
Innocent World
Mary Magdalene

I've a BTSSB wizard of oz JSK in cream I can trade !
It can be from any brand, offbrand, indies brand, I'll look at everything
Any color but NOT light pink

I'm also looking for this JSK

from Surface spell in size M - in Black X purple (the picture is the blue X black)
I'll pay full price ! 

It's sold out at the taobao shop


Tags: !wtb, any brand, innocent world, mary magdalene
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