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DS: Atlier BOZ , B.P.N. , Peace Now and AP


I'm in urgent need for money to pay for my kitten's operation and eventually for the VR if it ever gets to store so, sale time!

curiosity about the VR reservation
: any lucky girs in the community who managed to reserve the VR? my SS said she called a lot of times and the line was allways full and than she went to the store and they told her to go to another store and when she went there the next day she was informed that the reservations sold out in 30min ;_; so i was wondering if any lucky girls managed to get a spot...

Atlier Boz Skit

for some reason the image doesn't show up so, click



Original price was about 15000yen, and i've seen its replica from F+F and retroscope being sold several times here but never the original

Condition: New without tags, only tried on
measurements: the ideal measurements are 66cm waist and 72cm ribcage, but it goes smaller about 5 cm and max measurements are about 75cm waist and 80 ribcage (my friend with this measurements tried it on and it looked preety good)

Price: 100€

Peace Now Skirt



detacheble bow , tag, underskirt

It is an underskirt and over skirt with a removeble bow. i love this skit but i would have to rip off a rib in order for it to fit me ;_;

Condition: New with tags, not even tried on
Measurements: overskirt: 66cm underskirt: 64 - 90cm

price: 90€

Peace now skirt 2

tag1 , tag2

it's the same all arround

condition: new without tags, only tried on
measurements: 64 - 95cm . it does not have a zipper so this has to fit your hips (it's a pain to put it through mine, thus selling)

obs: This skirt is really short, that stipes on the end are in a different layer and that layer is very thight, won't recoment for someone with big hips, i would say under 85cm. This skirt is not lolita, you can't put a poofy pety unter it (thou it already has some poof of it's own) and is is a mini skirt, like the AP mini skirts length or just like 2-5cm longer, so beware of that if you buy it

price: 70€

Black Peace Now Skirt

tag1 , tag2

the same all arround. a perfect basic skirt for a gothic loli, the gathering part is chiffon, i really like it but it's a pain to get it up my hips

condition: new without tags, only tried on
measurements: 64- 95cm, no zipper

price: 70€

AP tote bag

this is really big, fits A4 notebooks with no problem

condition: new
measurements: 44.5cm x 35.5cm

price: 20€ OBO

AP socks and Putumayo socks

both knee high and new without tags

price: 10€ each OBO

Sales conditions:

- I'm selling to the frist one leaving they're paypal addres
- won't do holds since i'm really in need for money
- Shipping is not included
- I have cats
- i acept payments with paypal and european bank tranfer
- i'm not looking for trades unless you offer the VR short jsk
- i ship both normal and tracked but it's up to the buyer to choose and i don't take responsaility after it leaves my hands.
- i will only do trade with people with more that +7 positive feedback unless you show me a sending recipt and tracking and i'll only ship afterwords, sorry i've been scamed before...

I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/448180.html  +31
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, atelier boz, black peace now, putumayo
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