luckybug (dandelion_cloud) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

[WTB]: overknee socks, printed tights


Hello Ladies,

I have many dresses that look best with overknee socks, but I only own tons of normal knee socks >.< So if you have a pair you don't need anymore, please show it to me!

No colour limitations, but I own nothing in blue. Every other colour is welcome. :)
Offbrand and brand are both fine, but I am looking to spend max. $40 including shipping to Austria.

Most important thing: please tell me the length of the socks, measured from the heel to the top. I own a pair of Angelic Pretty Overknees, and they are too short for me (43cm from heel to top), so the socks must be longer than that!!

I am also looking for a pair of printed tights, preferably in white with black print.

My feedback page:

Thank you in advance :)
Tags: !wtb, any brand, offbrand
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