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SS: Open for VR reservations- 3 spots only (FILLED, thank you)

Location: Kanazawa, Japan
Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1051770.html

Vampire Requiem: Special reservation rules
Due to the demand and rarity of the print, and the fact that reservations will be happening at the Kanazawa AATP shop this Thursday (2/10), I have decided to open up reservations for this print only, so that more people can get a shot at their dream dress.

Here are my terms:
-I accept paypal in USD only
-I will ship via EMS only. This will be from $30-50 depending on number of items you order and which country you live in.
-My SS fees are flat: $430 to reserve the JSK, $305 for the Skirt, and $105 for the headdress. This price includes item price, SS fee, Paypal fee (3.9% + 0.30) and my travel expenses to go to the store twice (once for reservation, once for pickup). Shipping is not included and is the responsibility of the buyer. If the price seems high, I am sorry, but the dollar is weak and there are many bank fees .
-To be fair to others, I will only reserve up to one of each kind of item per person.

I do not require a deposit upfront due to the nature of the reservation- it is not guaranteed that I will get a spot for you. However, once I have a confirmed reservation, I will invoice you to pay half the fee (ex. $215 for the JSK). This is a non-refundable deposit and holds the items for you until the release. Failure to pay this within 1 week will result in you forfeiting the spot and I will find someone to replace it. Do not be late with payments, please.

Once the items are in my possession, I will invoice you for the rest of the item cost and shipping before I send the items out (I usually ship same or next day after payment). Please pay for shipping or the item will not be mailed to you. If you fail to pay the invoice within 1 week, without a good explanation of why you cannot pay and a new promised date of payment, I reserve the right to keep or sell your items to someone else. I take my business seriously and do not have patience for flakes or wishy-washy buyers; be confident and certain you want and can buy this item before you shop with me. If you do so, I can guarantee a smooth and pleasant business transaction.

Please thoroughly read and understand the terms above before you contact me. I expect fast communication (24-48 hrs) throughout the process because I will be responding to you within the same time frame.

I will only be open for 3 spots (as in 3 people, you can reserve more than 1 item but each individual person claims a spot). To claim your spot, comment below with what you want and your feedback link. I will go in order of comments received. Note that I reserve the right to deny you a spot if you have negative/neutral or no feedback.

1. laila_astri - Blue corset skirt
2. kanzashi_hime - Black corset skirt
3. kakeruwarukyuru - Red JSK & headdress

During this time my normal SS service will be closed to new requests.

PS. I have a WTB posted about Sleeping Beauty JSK in Ivory. If you happen to get a VR spot and would like to trade that dress, I’ll reduce my fee by half in exchange. The reservation is still first come; first serve, so I will not skip over anybody’s spot for someone else who offers it.
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