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DS: Clothing, Accessories, Magazines

Please Read All Terms
• Prices in USD and payment accepted in PayPal only.
• First to leave their PayPal address has priority.
• After I invoice you, I will message you. You have 48 hours to pay the invoice unless previously discussed.
• I will consider holds with deposits, so do not be afraid to ask.
• I will consider trades of equal value from my wish list: but for now, DS offers have priority.
• I ship from Chicago, IL, USA.
• Shipping is not included, ask for a quote!
• Due to my work schedule and lack of transportation, I may not be able to ship the very next day. Shipping time will be discussed for each individual sale.
• I have two dogs, a cat, and a chinchilla, and I occasionally smoke. Allergies to cigarettes, cats, dogs, dust, or hay should be wary, though some items have never been worn by me or come in contact with the animals. I know from personal experience that some allergies are so severe that even being in the same room can trigger a reaction, so I like to list all possibilities.
• 100% Positive Feedback:

Item #1 SOLD!
• Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Black Head Bow (Mary's Sweet Sheep) - $20
• Worn once.
• Seems to have soft wires inside to keep shape as you want it... flat or big & puffy.
• Looks cute with anything black with a pink print.

Item #2
• Handmade Double Head Bow With Spiders & Webs on Off-White - $12

• This is so so cute and I love it to death, but I haven't worn it once.
• I love it too much to see it sit in a closet.
• Made by millenaire.

Item #3 SOLD!
• MAM Detachable Collar - $10
• This came with a cutsew I have, but I never wore it.
• Can be worn with anything, I just don't like it.
• It has been dry-cleaned since this photo was taken, and is still in the plastic from the cleaners. The little furs on the photo are no longer there.

Item #4
• Soundgirl Open-Backed Sleeveless Cutsew - $15

Cleaned Stain, Print Close-Up, and Logo

• Bought new at Akira; never worn!
• Would be so cute with Punk Lolita, I just don't have it in me to hold on to it.
• That is a wet spot from a Tide Pen in the close up photo, and has since dried. There was a small mark that I just noticed and cleaned while taking my photographs.
• If interested, I will take more photos, just ask!

Item #5 SOLD!
• Offbrand Short Petticoat - $5
• I use this when I am wearing a skirt to work casually.
• It is also good to wear over or under a flatter petticoat with the waistband rolled under to give it the correct "cupcake" shape at the top.
• I think this would be very cute under a salopette!

Item #6
• Angelic Pretty Royal Poodle Pink Set (Skirt, Purse) - $250 $200
Does anyone have official measurements? This is not on Hello Lace yet!
Stock Photo:

Proof Photo:

Waist 30" max, but not comfortably! Thus... selling. ;_;
• I got the purse and skirt from different sellers, and as such they are in different condition. The skirt is near perfect, the purse is very used. The color is slightly different, but as you can see above, not enough to matter.
• Skirt comes with waist ties and pin brooch. Purse zipper pull fell off with previous owner and will come to you with the Hello Kitty zipper pull the previous owner shipped it to me with, unless you really hate Hello Kitty and don't want it. XD
• I will sell them separate; Skirt - $200 $150, Purse - $70 $60.

Item #7 SOLD!
• Innocent World Puppy Skirt, Black - $100
• Purchased from someone who never wore it.
• I have never worn it. It fits me well, but I don't seem to have a single thing to wear with it that makes it look good on me. The base color of the skirt is cream with a pinkish hue, and If I wear all black with it, it looks strange on me even though I've seen it look really great on other people in daily_lolita! I have decided to sell it in order to purchase items that fit better with my wardrobe's current color palette.
• Comes with original hanger. X)

Item #8
Lusty N' Wonderland Blouse, Cream - $100

(Will take more photos soon.)
• 3 ways to wear it: High collar, no bow / Big Cream Bow / Small Black Bow.
• Brand new, never worn, only tried on.
• Back is shirred, max bust, (this is an amatuer guess based on how poorly it fit me,) is about 32" and waist about 28".
Here is a Photoshopped image I made to see how the blouse looks with the above skirt.

That was made with the stock photo of the blouse and the stock photo of the jsk version of the skirt, just to see how they'd look. This is the closest I have to a stock photo of the blouse at the moment. If you have any questions or would like more photos, I can take some tonight when I get home from work.

Item #9 SOLD!
• Gothic & Lolita Bible #17 Summer 2005 - $20 Shipped Domestic

Item #10
• KERA Maniax #6 April 2006 - $20 Shipped Domestic
• #6 April 2006

Item #11
• KERA Maniax #7 October 2006 - $20 Shipped Domestic

Item #12 SOLD!
• Alice Deco a la Mode Autumn 2009 - $20 Shipped Domestic

Item #13
• Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Clock Rabbit Ring BENT EAR, Silver - $15, or make an offer!


• I bought this ring, made of pewter, on egl_comm_sales. One of the ears was bend during shipping from France. The seller was excellent about giving a big refund.
• I have worn this a few times, but I don't want to size it much larger, and have sold the dress I bought to wear it with.
• The ear is not loose, but I am afraid to bend it back into shape for fear of it breaking off. When worn, it is not noticable... only if you look at the stock photo.
• I do like this ring, but it gets such little use that I'd rather it go to someone who has some Alice in Wonderland type themed outfits to wear it with.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, indie brand, innocent world, maxicimam, offbrand
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