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WTB: Bought! <3


-I can pay straightaway if you have a non-European PP (for some reason EU PPs only allow me to pay with bank transfer whereas other PP lets me use my charge card); I'll accept EU sellers, if they're willing to accept a payment plan of about $50USD (~37euros) a week.

-I need these shoes in a US size 9 (or 25cm, UK size 6.5 (UK)/39.5 (other EU)). Please don't offer me shoes that don't fit, thereby getting my hopes up only to have them dashed cruelly when I realize that my monster feet could never squeeze into them. D:

-I'll pay just about anything to have these (especially in the colorways I prefer, which are mostly sold out!), but please don't take advantage of that. I HAVE been checking prices to see what's fair and what isn't, and if you're selling these used then I'll expect them to at least be priced accordingly (even though these ARE rare).

-A small request, but please include shipping to US zip 21034 in your price. :)

-feedback is HERE

Anyway, as my LJ-cut said, I'm desperately looking for the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa winged sandals/RHS in white, blush marble, red, and gold. The white, blush, and gold seem to be sold out everywhere I've looked, so if you have a link to a sale somewhere (even if it's an off-site auction site/just found surfing the Internet/etc.) then go ahead and post it! (If that's against the rules for some reasons, mods, let me know and I'll edit my previous lines accordingly.)

I'm posting some pictures below, in order of my PREFERRED color (ie, the first color is the one I REALLY want, and the last is the one I could take or leave).

(Sorry for this tiny last image, but I figured you guys would have the gist by now. XD)

Feel free to offer me shoes other than the colors listed above, but do note that I'm probably not willing to pay full price for them, so only offer if you're desperate to unload them. ;) I'd probably wear them outside of lolita, which is why I'll look at offers.

Anyway, post what you've got! Feel free to make offers; like I said, be fair, but I AM willing to pay what these shoes are worth. ;) Thanks guys!
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