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!DS: MM OP, Bodyline cutsew, AatP choker, AP barrette, and SS socks :D also !WTT: AP wristcuffs

Hallo! :D

I'm selling off some recent purchases of mine that turned out not to fit me, along with a couple items for a friend. Please have a look, and feel free to ask questions! This is my very first post on the comm, so I wouldn't be surprised if I left something out altogether  =P

Terms of Service
  • Payment: I accept paypal only, sorry!
  • Shipping + pp fees: Shipping prices and paypal fees are NOT included. Please ask for a shipping quote!
  • Priority: Priority is given to those who can pay the full price immediately and domestic (U.S.) buyers, simply because this is my first time shipping and I don't trust myself to ship internationally just yet ;_;
  • Holds: I am willing to hold items for a non-refundable 20% deposit, unless stated otherwise. This may be negotiable, let me know if you want to work something out.
  • Please leave your paypal address to hold your place in line, regardless of whether or not you've decided to buy just yet. I will not invoice until you give me the go-ahead. Paypal addresses will be screened for the buyer's protection.
  • Loss of communication after 24 hours will be interpreted as a loss of interest, and the item will pass on to the next buyer in line.
  • My household is non-smoking and (unfortunately D: ) pet-free.
  • Since everything has (at most) only been tried on, everything will be lint-rolled thoroughly before being shipped out.
  • All prices are in USD.
  • EDIT: I ship first class with recycled packaging by default (except the MM OP, which will be shipped priority). Let me know if you'd like something else =]
  • EDIT 2: I am not responsible for the item(s) once it has left my hands. If the package is lost and no insurance was purchased, I will certainly descend upon the post office on your behalf, but I do not refund.
My feedback is here.

On to the pretty things!

Mary Magdalene Frill Collar OP SOLD, thank you!

NOTE: This item does NOT come with the waist bow. I received the item this way.

Bought second-hand, only tried on by me. Selling because I was told the dress was larger than it actually is ;_; Excellent condition! Other than the missing waist bow, I cannot find any flaws. However, I spotted random cat hairs on the dress when I first opened it D: (A brown and black cat apparently, for those interested. Still, must've been a cute cat). I will lint-roll the dress as thoroughly as I can before shipping out, but FYI for those with sensitive allergies.

Sorry, no holds on this item!

Bust: 31 inches MAX. No shirring whatsoever.
Waist: 27 inches max. A 28 inch could technically fit into it, but I wouldn't recommend it; this is where it starts to wrinkle and pull in unhappy ways =(

Stock picture:

My pictures:

Front (Please excuse the white slashes at the corners, the original photo was a bit tilted so I had to rotate it.)


Close-up of tag

Bodyline BxW Polkadot Cutsew SOLD, thank you!

One of the older Bodyline pieces! Bought secondhand off the comm. Excellent condition! The cutsew is black with white polkadots. The black is still a true black, and there are no flaws that I can find. The bow and sleeves are detachable =] Selling because the sleeves are too tight on me.

Bust: 31 inches
Waist: 27 inches
The cutsew is made of a stretchy, thick cotton-polyester mix, so it can stretch about an inch more than the measurements given, but it would be rather uncomfortable.

Sleeve circumference: 10 inches at the point where the sleeves detach.
Note that this is with the sleeves attached. If you detach the sleeves, the elastic at the point of attachment can stretch a little over 2 inches.



!DS for a friend :3

Everything below here is being sold/traded through me for a friend of mine  =]  The entire transaction will be conducted through me, including paypal and shipping. The items have been kept at my apartment, so the household is still non-smoking and pet-free.

All of my terms of service still apply.

Miracle Candy SS replica OTKs (NWOT) SOLD, thank you!

Brand new, hasn't even been tried on =]

Stock picture:

My picture:

2011 Lyrical Bunny LP Barrette (NWOT) SOLD, thank you!

Never worn, brand new from the LP!



Close-up of tag

AatP Black Bow Choker (NWOT) SOLD, thank you!

Purchased secondhand. Both my friend and the previous owner have only tried it on, never worn out. The logo is a touch faded, but other than that, I can find no flaws. Please excuse the mad spam of photos, I had a hard time capturing all of the details =(

Stock picture:

My pictures:

Front (lightened to bring out detail)

Closed (with and without flash)

Close-up of bow (with flash)



!WTT for my friend: Milky Planet Wristcuffs in Black

Brand new! My friend would like to trade these for the exact same wristcuffs in the yellow or white colorway, but she's willing to look at other colorways as well.

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