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!DS! Handmade jewelry and accessories Giant Lollipops luckypacks hello kitty tea cup hair clips

the moment i have a few feedback on my EGL feedback page BUT  i have 113 positive feedback available to see here's the link to my feed back page
I Accept PayPal  and maybe a trade
I Will Ship Out your order Monday  or Tuesday (being that its a weekend)
Shipping to the US is 2.00$ + pp fees
Shipping everywhere else is 4.00$ +pp fees

All My stuff is  in USD.
if you have any questions feel free to ask :3
Items will go to who ever leaves there pp address first sorry ^^

~1~ Tea Cup Hair Clips Pink & green 13$ each Pink is Pending

Time For Tea Hair Clip Pink


Time For Tea Hair Clip Green
oh my gosh! words cannot describe the cuteness of this hair clip! I Took a child Sized Tea Cup Set and Turned it into the cutest hair clip!  its soo adorable! its great fro people who love over the top items! this giant tea cup is very light weight so it wont slip and slide in your hair. on the bottom of the tea cup is a alligator clip.
Available in 2 colors

~2~ Custom Made  Giant Lollipop Necklace 15$


Custom  Made Giant Lollipop Necklace
Like the lollipops that I make but wish it was a little different? now you can get a made to order lollipop necklace just for you! and will be OOAK choose from any color you can imagine! Up to 3 colors

Want bows? Or cabochons?
PM Me and i can let you know whats available!

You can choose from having 3 different types of glitter or no glitter at all!

TYPES Of Glitter
thick pink glitter(has the effect of sugar)
Thick Regular Glitter (has the effect of sugar)
small grain glitter

Made From Polymer clay
Pictures above are some examples of lollipops ive made!

~3~Giant Lavender x Pink lollipop Necklace 15$

Lavender x Pink  Lollipop Necklace

this necklace is sooo adorable! i handmade this lollipop from polymer clay then coated it twice in gaze for protection and shine! I also added an adorable lavender polka dot bow to the base of the lollipop. i placed the the lollipop onto a 26" pink chain.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the handmade nature to this item there might be small imperfections and finger prints in the clay that are not noticeable

~4~ Kawaii Doughnut Necklace 12$

Kawaii  Pink Doughnut with a Hello Kitty Bow Necklace
i took a super adorable pink squishy doughnut and placed an adorable pink hello kitty styled glitter bow! i placed the pendent onto a 26" pink chain.

~5~ Hello Kitty x Nozomi Tsuji Necklace 18$
Hello Kitty as Nozomi Tsuji bow Necklace

This Adorable necklace has a cute Hello Kitty made to look like Nozomi Tsuji a Japanese pop singer originally from morning museum. i added 2 super adorable light pink bows place onto the chain for extra cuteness! I put on this necklace onto pale pink chain. The chain measures 26 inches in length.

~6~ Love Knots Necklace 10$

kriss kross applesauce

a super adorable necklace that gives the illusion of 2 the pretzels are 36 mm by 40 mm and the longer chain is about 24" and the shorter one is 18" placed onto a hot pink and pale pink chains

~7~ Lip Gloss Cupcake Rings 6$ each

Strawberry Chocolate Cupcake Ring
Chocolate Sprinkles Cupcake Ring

these cupcakes are so adorable and smell super yummy!
Chocolate Sprinkles:chocolate scent
chocolate covered strawberry cake: chocolate covered strawberry scented
Vanilla flower cupcake: vanilla Cherry Scented

Cherry Swirl  Cupcake Lip Gloss Ring
~8~ Giant lollipop Necklace pink x purple Sugared 15$
OOAK Giant  Pink and Purple  Lollipop Necklace

a Super cute handmade lollipop from polymer clay . its about 3x3 1/2 " big stick is approx 2 a 1/2" long.I placed alligator hair clip onto the back of the lollipop for multiple use. The lollipop is placed onto a 24" Pale pink chain. I loosely placed The Large Lollipop onto the chain for the option to take it of for hair use.
I also covered the lollipop in a thick glitter to make the appearance of sugar. I also placed cute pink cupcake and little bow for more cuteness!
Each and every one of my handmade lollipops are OOAK and wont be found anywhere else! <3 so once its gone its gone forever.

~9~ Hello kitty carousel necklace 35.00$
Hello Kitty  Carousel  Necklace

This Necklace is My Pride And Joy Right Now! Its so amazingly adorable! i took a cute Hello Kitty Riding on a carousel Horse And added her onto an adorable Pink frame. Then i added cute Purple Rose's That Just take it to the next level! The Roses are attached to an adorable tiny Linked Pastel Pink Plastic chain! All together this necklace is my absolute favorite to date its just so pink and cute looking!
Hello Kitty  Carousel  Necklace
~10~ Hello Kitty Tea Time 16$
Hello Kitty Tea Time Tea Cup Necklace
For this necklace i took a cute Hello kitty teacup and saucer and a cute little strawberry spoon and glued them all together. then i filled its with a faux whipped cream and drizzled the whipped cream with red sauce and added a cute little strawberry to it! the whole pendent measures 1" tall by 2" wide. i placed this adorable tea cup onto a 24" pale pink chain. any hello kitty lover will surely fall in love with this necklace!

15$ luckypacks
these are all old 2010 items i want gone!
What you get:
1 ring
2 hair items
1 necklace
1 pair of earrings

~12~ Large Lucky Pack  35$
All Items will be chosen at random. example picture same as 15$ LP
What you get:
4 rings
4 hair items
2 necklace
2 pair of earrings (can be substituted)
2 phone charm

Thank you so much for looking you can find many more items here:
Also as you may see i also discounted many items from the prices in my store because i love you all! <3
thank you!

past sales!
Handmade JSK Pick cats and polka dots! a super cute rockabilly-ish Lolita dress!

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