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DS: Usakyuma Puppet + Lot of Shopping Bags

- shipping from CA
- I ship internationally
- buyer covers half (2.5%) fees
- feedback here!

Usakyuma Puppet - Payment Pending
I have 2 of these -- my friend is selling hers as well but I am helping her list it, we originally wanted to turn these into matching usakyuma bags and insert a zipper but we don't really have the sewing skills to do it :/

LOT of Shopping Bags + Stickers - $26 SHIPPED in the USA
yup...I am charging you for bags...cuz they are really expensive to produce in Japan and have them shipped here..............anyways, 
I have a lot of bags accumulated over the past year and I don't have a use for them, maybe you'd like to decorate your room, use these as gift bags for friends, or do something artsy with these =D

1 ALICE and the Pirates big plastic bag
2 ALICE and the Pirates Navy Paper bag
1 ALICE the Pirates Sticker
1 BABY the Stars Shine Bright Pink medium size bag
1 BABY the Stars Shine Bright Pink Paper bag
2 BABY the Stars Shine Bright Sticker
3 BLACK PEACE NOW paper bags
3 BLACK PEACE NOW small paper bags
1 listen flavor tag
1 BPN tag
1 Angelic Pretty tag

THanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now

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