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Yumetenbo / DreamV GO : Closed.

As every categorie (Princess, Glamour, Kirei, Girly, Kid) are on the same Rakuten Borderless shop, you are able to order from any of those. They have a lot of loliable items under Princess, like bloomers-short, cute glooves with a bow, lolita-like coats...

Japanese version of their website : Clothes are listed under categories but we can't order overseas from this one.
Rakuten Borderless : Everything is on the same webshop, so you have to look more carefully.
I think it is better when clicking on the box "In stock". There is something like... 188 pages less to check.

Edited since we are 3 5 3:

-> When : Friday, February 11th, at 8 o'clock EST (GMT - 5) ; unless all the partipants wish to make it before.
-> Who : (3 to 4 participants) we are already 3.
-> How it works (to order) : I am not gonna be original on that one. Please, use this form to let me know your order in comment and not on my contact address as it is easier for everyone to keep track of everything if it is on the same page, right ?

   LJ name :
   Contact Email :
   Paypal address :
   Item #
   Color(when applicable) :
   Size (when applicable) :

Please repeat the last three as much as needed. If I need to know something, like a second choice on a item, please add it. Usually, DreamV stock is the one you see. If you item is not in stock and you didn't tell me a second choice, I will refund you if you had only one item or I will use it like a credit for the shipping (+ refund if I still own you money).

-> How it works (to pay) : I am going to invoice you twice. The first invoice will be your items price + your part of shipping (+paypal fees each time). The second one will be from me to you.

Since the items weight is not displayed, I will count each item like a part of the shipping fees. However, coat and boots *not applied to light heels or flipflop* will count as 1.5.
Ex : Ordering a dress + coat (in a 10 items order without other coat) = 2.5, so 25% of the shipping fees.
Ordering a cardigan, socks and a room wear kit = 3, so 30% of the shipping fees.

You may like to know...
* I live near a post office, so I am going to post it as the same day as I get the order, unless it is Tuesday or Wesnesday since I get home too late after school.
* My PM box is totally useless. So please use, my contact email.
* My contact address is camelia at live dot ca.
* I never ordered clothes from DreamV before but I own three pairs of boots. They are lovely and very confortable. I can't tell every pair is really wonderful, but those I own are. I don't wear any others "brand" footwear since I discovered this shop. <3
* Since I am in Canada, we might have to pay customs. The more expensive the GO get, the more chance we have to get customs. It is the reason why I do not wish to have more than 3 participants, besides me, for now and, if possible, to not order for more than 250 $ USD.
* I am not going to order if only one person is interested. I will do it if we are 3 or 4 participants.

Feel free to ask anything !

I received all the orders until now.
We reached a total of 10,840 yen for now.
We are in the shipping cost categorie : 10,501~15,750 yens, which cost 4725 yen for EMS shipping

Item shipping price for now  reached : 591 yen/item.

Okay, I'm not proud at all. I wanted to erase the useless comments in the post to make it more clear for me (who bought what, who were interested and supposed to order, etc) but I just erased all my comments. Sorry. (v_v')
Don't be shy to ask anything I told in the erased comments, I will gladly answer again.

Invoiced sent. You can see the total reached on top of the pictures. We enjoyed the new Paypal's payment form.
I am going to order tomorrow as planned or before, if I get all payment before then.

12/2 EDIT
The order is placed (yesterday as planned)! It is not really useful per se, but here is the order number :
Order number : 202747-20110212-60068103
I am still waiting to get the next email. That one will say how much shipping fees are (it is supposed to be 4725 yens) and all the useful informations, like when it will be shipped/has been shipped and tracking.

Slot 1 : Myself [Order received + paid]
Slot 2 : Not got order or news 24 hours before the order.
Slot 3 neko_ness [Order received + paid]
Slot 4 :
[info]kun_ta_ta [Order received]
Personal Journal :

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