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WTT (possible DS): MmM Church Gate skirt


Moi-meme-Moitie Chuch Gate skirt

Waist: 68 cm, can go smaller with lacing and fits a few cms larger :)
Condition: 5/5 NWT.
I was all estatic when the skirt arrived and quickly wrapped it up. Being XD I tried it on and looked it the mirror only to discover that I LOOKED AWFUL IN IT! *monsterous hips* Don't know if I want to let it go as it cost me a lot (and got hit with customs on top of that) because I don't want to loose too much but I'm looking to trade it for (preferably) a dress or something of the same value or might sell it for best offer. More pictures can be taken tomorrow~
Here's my wishlist so you know what kind of stuff I like:
Please don't be afraid to offer something else, I'm into most styles but I'm not interested in dresses without prints or animal prints.

Please do not PM me as I seem to have problems with my inbox :S

Have a lovely night/evening/day/morning xD


Tags: !dt, any brand, moi-meme-moitie
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