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DS: Cheap BTSSB OP, Shirley Temple sk, offbrand vintage and handmade skirts

Dear all
Please read the following:
1. Priority goes to buyer who sends paypal email first, for payment in full. Holds or trades not preferred, sorry!
2. Please pay on invoice promptly as invoices sent will expire in 24 hours after sending and the next in line will be contacted.
3. Buyer bears 4.3% paypal fee as I have a premier account. I was forced to upgrade to a premier account after hitting a sending limit one year and I could not operate the account otherwise. But all payments coming in are automatically deducted for paypal fees and I have no choice, sorry! ALL PRICES EXC SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES.
4. EGL Feedback page:

Shipping is from the UK, £2.70 for one item, £5.50 to EU, £7.50 to rest of the world. Combined shipping available.

1. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice and the Seven Keys OP (SOLD)

I bought this from YJ and absolutely love the print but my body is long and it does not sit well at my waist. Never worn. Partly stretchable bust measures 32-36inches or 81-92cm, waist measures 28-31inches/71-79cm, length from shoulder to waist is 14inches/35.5cm, length of OP in total is 34inches/86cm. I was sold the OP without the detachable sleeves. In excellent condition.

print closeup, sorry for dark pic, I can;t make it brighter as the print details then get washed out, you can see more detailed print pics at  Hello Lace



skirt part, it is sewn in 2 tiers at hem, very  nice flounce

Sorry I can't find a stock pic and I do not have a pic worn (please do not ask) as it doesn't fit me.

2. Shirley Temple Windows Print skirt (SOLD)

This skirt is made of a thick canvas type cotton, partly shirred waist, with a nice detailed windows print. I feel I am too old for some of my sweetest loli stuff and so am selling this. Waist measures 24-34inches approx/61-86cm   and length is    19inches/48cm. Excellent condition.

closeup of print

3. Offbrand vintage casual/classic skirt (SOLD)
This cute skirt is made in the USA, vintage, featuring the cutest floral motif in stripes, can be coordinated for casual and classic looks. I have worn it once and washed. Excellent condition but light creases due to folded storage. Waist measures 27-38 inches, length is 24 inches. I have altered the length from a previously longer length, hem is handstitched down and overall skirt is in excellent vintage condition!

closeup, sorry again for dark pic, but flash will flood the pic...

4. Handmade casual loliable print skirt (GBP12.00)

I made this skirt in the style of a Jane Marple stripey floral and fruits skirt, using Japanese imported cotton. The fabric alone cost me over GBP10.00 and it is really cute. The skirt is hand-stitched as I don;t have a machine, the seam is done using french seams so that fraying is prevented, the waistband is folded in and stitched down with a running stitch, and is fully elastic. I did not make a bell shape and more of an A-line shape for this in the style of JM, and finished the hem with a row of pleats. Please note that as I am an amateur, the pleats are not even, but the construction I feel is solid enough. The finish is not untidy, there are the odd threads peeking out, and all handstitched garments would not be as precisely sewn as a machine stitched garment. Please bear this in mind. The waist measures 24-34inches/61-86cm  , hips measure  max 38inches/96cm , and length is  25inches/63cm  . I am open to sell this to someone who loves the fabric and may want to take the work apart. I am therefore pricing this to reflect the cost of the fabric only and not my amateur workmanship.

fabric closeup, again sorry for dark pic, flash is not good!!!

construction at waistband and seam

construction closeup underside

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