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SOLD: DS! Meta Skirt, Bear Purse, etc. Reduced Prices!


Welcome to my sales!

First things first my feedback can be found here:

Also the Rules:

Shipping and handling is not included, prices are listed for US buyers for international please ask!
Items go to the person that leaves their paypal first and willing to pay full price
I do not buy tracking unless requested it is 70 cents more, I can also provide proof of shipment throughout the transaction.
I am not responsible for the mail after it has left me.
Please no haggling, though offers are acceptable.

Important: I will reply back as soon as possible, please understand if my response is later. 

You are more than welcome to PM me or send me an email at!
Pascal is my Proof Picture (The Chamelion Approves this Post)

Item 1 Metamorphose Cherry Skirt
Features: Half-Shirred, Soft lace, cute bows, lining, built in petticoat, waist ties
Flaws: None
Size: 25inches+  It fits a wide variety of sizes due to the shirring,however  I would not recommend it for a tiny waist
$60+ $7 shipping

Item 2 Military Cotton Jacket
Size L $12 + $4 shipping 

 Item 3 Twill Bow Purse with chain
$12 +$4 shipping

Item 4 Duffy the Disney Bear Wristlet
$20 + 5$ shipping

BTSSB 2010 Calender,  I did write one appointment in this in September other than that its in mint condition, good for scrapbooks or decorating
$5 + $3 shipping or Free with two items or the Meta skirt!

Thank you so much for looking at my sales and I hope your day or night is wonderful!!!! <3


Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand
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