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DS: Sold!~

FEEDBACK: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/249675.html

-Paypal only please (I pay for the fees)
-Prices include shipping. Generally flat rate priority for the larger items, first class for smaller items. If you want insurance just ask!
-I'm not really looking to trade at the moment unless it's for a Fantastic Dolly JSK or Alice Portrait JSK xD
-Sorry the proof photos are so crappy, my dorm has terrible lighting. If anyone wants better/more photos feel free to ask and I can take them tomorrow morning!

-Everything is pretty much obo, feel free to make offers if no one else has expressed any interest :)

SOLD AP Milky Berry skirt
I am the original owner and have only worn this once. It's is in perfect condition and comes with the barette clip and waist ties (just not pictured).
Length-21 in
PRICE: $160 shipped

SOLD AP Milky Berry socks
Used once and washed. The print on the bottom foot is rubbing off but that's expected. Excellent condition.
PRICE: $30 shipped

SOLD AP Fantastic Dolly OP
Bust- 34-36 (no shirring)
Length- 35.5in
This was my dream print and it just didn't fit right ;_; so I am selling it to get the jsk version. It has been worn once by me and is in excellent condition. It comes with the waist ties as well.
PRICE: $333 shipped with insurance

SOLDAP Cutie Ribbon Cutsew
Length-20 in
Cute strawberry red cutsew (goes great with Milky Berry), I bought it second hand and worn it once. It's in excellent condition. I just noticed today that it's missing some sort of removable beads around the collar but I received it in that condition. The neck hole is really small, which is weird, so be careful when putting it on (or maybe I just have a large head lol)
PRICE: $50 shipped

SOLDBtssb Bunny Bag
(I couldn't find the stock photo for it)
This has been used maybe 5 times by me, bought second hand. It's still in great condition, there are small marks where the metal touches the fur(maybe these can be removed? they don't effect the overall look) but otherwise there are no flaws.
PRICE: $45.00 shipped

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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