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WTB: Classic items

Hello! I'm looking to buy classic items, mainly JSKs, skirts, or OPs. The items must fit a 36"(ish) bust and 27" waist.

My feedback:

Price: I'm not looking to spend over $200, so please don't offer me anything over that- I'll have to say no, and then we'll both be sad. :( I'll pay via PayPal.

What I'm interested in: Green, brown, cream, florals, deep red, anything with lots of pintucks, longer lengths, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, MM, J et J, Metamorphose. I'll look at offbrand, as well.

What I'm not interested in: Pink (dusty rose is okay, though), bright red, most animal prints, most all-black things.

While I'm willing to look at any offers, here are a few items that I like quite a bit and am looking for:

I am very much interested in this OP. If anyone has it in cream or rose, I'll take it in a heartbeat! I'll look at black, as well.

(Only in green or blue)

I'd prefer this JSK in cream, red, or navy, but will look at other colors

Only in green, please.

Thank you!

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