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!WTB : Small lolita accessories & promo items


I'm looking to purchase small little accessories for adding as extras and / or decoration to a Pen-Pal parcel I am putting together. 

So I am primarily looking for things such as promo gear or packaging material from brand purchases. Such as stickers, ribbons, brand tissue paper (in good, neatly folded condition), ect. Reasonably priced Postcards & Stationary is nice too. This includes stickers NEATLY removed from magazines and such. 

I am willing to consider small, lolita-ish off-brand items too. Such as dessert themed items, cell charms or what not. Mostly pastel colors of a sweet theme.

I'm mostly looking for items priced under $10 USD. Though if you'd possibly be interested in trades or partial trades, I'd consider items over $10 as well. 

My Feedback page is HERE.
Location: USA, CA
Tags: !wtb, any brand
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