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DS/DT: Putumayo, AatP, Handsewn


My feedback is here.
I'm trying to transition to a new etsy shop, and here's a new custom-sized pair of bloomers.
Feel free to browse around Novalian Blume if you are interested in more lolita or alternative pieces.

Sweet Dreams Lilac Bloomers

The following items are up for sale or trade. Sales preferred, but trades are encouraged as well. Best offers will also be considered.
I'm trying to add more to my gothic, rococo, and pirate influenced wardrobe. For the record, blue is my favorite color. <3 

Once a transaction is confirmed, it must be honored.

Forms of payment accepted: Paypal (may accept Money Orders as well, but must be discussed first) 

Shipping will be calculated at the end of sale/trade, and is not included in the listed price.
Global shipping available, don't worry about where you are. =)

Putumayo Purple Crown Skirt

An older piece by Putumayo. It's a black skirt that hugs the hips and flares out directly below them. I've used it for goth, punk, and (punk) lolita looks.There's black satin trim, two faux pockets, mesh embroidered lace, and metal embellishments.

Length: 16"
Waist: 26"
Hips: The maximum size is 40"

Price: $45 obo

AatP Striped Socks

Bought a couple of years ago, but I haven't worn them more than a handful of times, if that. I'm really just not a person who wears brown. For everyone else though, there's brown and ecru stripes with skulls and the name of the brand written across. If your calves are bigger than 14.5" they will probably only extend to knee length, but if your calves are smaller they can be worn as either knee high's or OTK's.

Price: $25 obo

Please feel free to ask any questions!
~ Novalis

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, handmade, putumayo
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