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DS: Meta, offbrand, Bodyline, Montreal

Please Read!
-My feedback page:
-I ship from Florida
-I do live with a dog.
-I accept Paypal only.
-Prices are in USD and include shipping for domestic buyers. If you’re an international buyer, I will calculate shipping costs. I’m not responsible for lost packages. If you want insurance, let me know.
-I will ship 1-3 days after receiving payment.
-You’re welcome to send me a PM if you don’t want to comment on here.
-I’m not interested in trades right now.

Metamorphose Red Polka Dot OP $120


Bust: ~29 inches (~74cm)
Waist: ~27 inches (~69cm)
Length: 35.5 inches (~90cm)

Bodyline White Shoes $15

Damage 1:
Damage 2:

Size: 23.5cm

Offbrand White Cardigan $10


This is a US size Small.

Offbrand Black Cardigan $10

I don't know why this picture came out like that, but it's the same as the cardigan above. It's also a US size Small.

Montreal White Shoes $12

Damage 1:
Damage 2:

On the inside of the left shoe, the trim tilts up. I'll put up a picture of it as soon as I get back from work.

Size: 22.5cm
Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose, montreal, offbrand
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