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DS: BtSSB Classic B&W Headpiece, Bodyline Black Ruffled Blouse, Novala Takemoto/Hello Kitty Towel

All prices include US domestic shipping -- please PM me for international shipping rates.  Payment is via Paypal, no fees.  Feedback is here.  Thanks for looking!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Black & White Headpiece - I got this headpiece several years ago, but have only worn it twice, so it is in excellent condition.  SOLD.

Bodyline Black Ruffled Shirt - I got this shirt a few years ago at the Harajuku Bodyline store.  It is all cotton and has ruffles everywhere -- around the collar, cuffs, hem and placket.  It has deep cuffs and ribbon lacing in the back to adjust the fit.  The buttons are really cute -- black with silver glitter stars in the middle.  I have only worn it a few times and have handwashed it afterwards, so the black is not faded at all.  The only problem I could find is that there is a button missing on one of the cuffs, but since there are four on each cuff, it not even noticeable.  It could also probably use an ironing.  There is no size marked, but it seems to be about a medium.  It measures 36" at the bust and waist, but these can be adjusted with the lacing in the back.  This is a wonderful, basic blouse for any EGL outfit. $35, includes domestic priority shipping.

Novalo Takemoto for Hello Kitty "Pour Lolita Punk Edition" Hand Towel - If you've ever traveled in Japan, you've discovered that bathrooms rarely have paper towels for drying your hands, so most Japanese women carry a small terry towel in their purses for this purpose.  This towel was designed by Novalo Takemoto, who worked for Baby's, inconjunction with Sanrio in a Hello Kitty pattern.  I received it at a special event for Novalo Takemoto and am not sure if it was even available for sale.  It has never been used or even taken out of the package, so it is in brand-new condition. - SOLD.

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