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DA: Fantasic Dolly OP



-THE AUCTION WILL END FEBRUARY 10th, 7:00 PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. I might end the auction a little later or earlier but it all depends on when I'm able to be on the computer. Please note that auction times can end sooner or later in regards to the date and time so please check often. Bidding ends when I comment to the last bidder saying they are the winner.

-Items will most likely be shipped within the week the payment is received.

-I will not accept buy it now offers or private bids. If you want to bid privately, please create a sock account and PM me using the account you usually use for transactions on egl_comm_sales telling me your sock account.

-All prices are in USD.

-There are three ways you can pay for shipping.
1) Leave a down payment and I'll refund whatever is left over. The reason I do this is because I live sort of far from the post office and I need to take the bus to get there so it'll take awhile for me to get a shipping quote. For international shipping, I will only use EMS to send the package. If you are in the states, please tell me if you'd like tracking, insurance, or both (or none). Down payment amount for Australia: $50, Asia + Europe: $45, North America (excluding the US): $30. For US buyers, I will use the priority medium sized box with the price being $10.95. I think tracking is $0.70.
2) You pay for the item and then I go to the post office and get a shipping quote and invoice you that amount. Then the next week I'll ship off your item. Please know that this will take a longer time for me to ship your item.
3) You can do local pick up, only in that you come to my house and pick it up.

-***IMPORTANT*** When bidding, PLEASE PUT YOUR BID UNDER THE COMMENT THAT HAS THE TITLE OF THE ITEM. If another person is bidding, PLEASE BID BY REPLYING TO THE COMMENT THAT THE PREVIOUS BIDDER POSTED. My post may be moderated so please refrain your bids until you see my comments.

-Feel free to ask questions (click "reply" to the comment that says "Questions, etc")

-No refunds and returns. Once you paid for the item, you are responsible to pay for the shipping too. If you don't pay for shipping, I won't ship your item out and if I don't hear from you for a week, I will leave you negative feedback. Please do not bid for an item you cannot pay for under any circumstances.

-Please pay within 30 hours. If I don't hear from you within 72 hours after you've won an item, I will leave you negative feedback. Please do not bid if you cannot pay.

-Have your PM setting on so that we can communicate about shipping and invoicing.

-I will take payment plans for the Fantasic Dolly but the minimum down payment must be $200.

-You will have to pay the extra "handling fees". International: 4.1% + $0.30 / Domestic: 3.1% + $0.30

-I only accept Paypal, money orders, and concealed cash. Please know that I am not responsible for lost money orders or concealed cash so I highly recommend Paypal.

-Minimum bid increment: 1 USD


Official sizes according to
93cm bust (I feel like it's closer to 90 though but who knows)
73cm waist
I know that there is some dispute about the colour. The "white" area is more closer to a VERY diluted pale yellow or an off-white. I think the picture I have of it is pretty representational of the dress.
I've only tried this dress on and never wore it out. This sale also comes with the test patch and an extra button.

Tags: !da, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, metamorphose
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