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DS: Valentine's Day theme rings to wear ♡

Hello! Thankies for stopping by my post :] I thought of sharing some more accessories in time for Valentine's Day gear! Or just a nice little accessory to coordinate with ^_^

I have teeny feedback on EGL, but go to my Etsy in that link and see that I am a good seller ^_^

Payment: Paypal ONLY. No holds or trades right now.

Shipping and Handling:
However many things you buy, it is one shipping price (combine shipping). Shipping includes the packaging materials (so it's safe), pp fees, and tracking # for USA.
Everywhere Else=$3

Sizing: All the rings are adjustable silver plated rings. The measurements of the pieces are all approximate. MOST items are only 1 available unless said.

Order Form:
In the subject  part of the comment, please put what item you're interested in. It helps others to see who was in line first :] Also put down your paypal address and it will be screened when invoiced.

There are NO returns or exchanges. Please buy with confidence. Feel free to ask questions ^__^

*Photos are taken as much as possible to true color with some natural lighting. 

Sweet Teddy Bear in LIGHT PINK $5                                         

Sweet Teddy Bear in DARK PINK $5
The heart with the bear is about 1.5 inches wide. The heart part is somewhat soft (not fuzzy soft). Sample of size is shown below:

Angelic Heart $5 [4 available]
My newest fave ring ^__^! It has a pale/dusty pink colored heart with a faux rhinestone, and the wings are so shimmery! The piece from wing to wing is about over an inch.

Shimmery Hello Cherry Kitty Ring in BLACK  $6 SOLD OUT
These were selling like hot cakes at my shop! And there is only 1 left :] Decided to let the EGL_Comms take a lookie and maybe purhcase ^_^ The kitty head is about 1 inches.

Shimmery Hello Cherry Kitty Ring in PURPLE $6
Last one :]

Check out my old DS post here
If you're going to buy something in that post and here, minus your shipping here for the old DS post has shipping included on their prices :] Please comment on both posts what you're buying and I'll combine the invoice<3
Thankies and Happy Early Love Day~
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