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DS! Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Blouse & Meta Black Bling Bag - ALL SOLD

Information for buyers
~ I ship from Australia (Brisbane)
~ Paypal payment (PP fees not included in price) or Bank Transfer.
~ Price does NOT include shipping. Pick-up avaiable for those in Brisbane.
~ Prices are in AUD
~ EGL feedback and Etsy feedback

Please feel free to ask questions! Please note that measurements are amateurish. I'm also willing to look at trades or take reasonable offers =)

Older Sales Post 1
Older Sales Post 2

Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Blouse - SOLD

[Back View][Detailed View][PROOF]

Price: $50

Waist: ~ 82 cm Max
Bust: ~ 100 cm
Shoulders: 39 cm
Length: FRONT=53 cm, BACK= 69 cm

Product Condition: Perfect condition. Purchased from another member who only wore it once. I washed but haven't worn it.
Item description: Black chiffon long-sleeved blouse. Has corset lacing at the back so can made to fit someone smaller than measurements provided.

META LP black bling bag - SOLD

Price: $47

Width: 34 cm
Length: 44.5 cm

Product Condition: Brand new still in plastic.
Item description: Black LP bling bag released by Meta. I have 2 so I'm selling this one. Has leopard print lining on the inside and zip closure.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, metamorphose, rose melody

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