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DS:AP, BBTSB, Bodyline, Banana Fish, Metamorphose, Off-brand

★Located in Toronto, Canada
★Accept payments through Paypal + fees (prefered), Cash at meet-up
★Meet-ups can arranged in the GTA (free at Yorkdale on Weekends)
★Shipping is not included unless stated, it includes the money for any bubblewrap and secure packaging.
★I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
★ Prices are all in USD
★ I have feedback here.
★ Prices are negotiable, but please be reasonable.

$8 + Shipping
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Chandelier Socks 
Never worn by me, but I am the second owner of these socks and there are signs of wear at the heel and near the bottom of the socks.

$10 Shipped
Offbrand Candy Knee High's

$25 + Shipping ($30 at Pick up in Toronto) 
$19 + Shipping ($25 at Pick up in Toronto)
Black Bodyline Blouse 
NWT, only took out of bag to try on, and proof. 

$37 + Shipping ($40 at Pick-up in Toronto)
$29 + Shipping ($35 at Pick-up in Toronto) 
Brown Bodyline Shoes
Size: 23.5
NWOT, there are no visible flaws as they are brand new I bought them on a whim but i have nothing to match them. The fit true to size.

$45 + Shipping
$35 + Shipping
Off-brand Red JSK
Worn 3 times by me, bought at AN 2 years ago. There is a tear at the end of the back zipper that goes unnoticed when worn, I've been too lazy to fix it, but can be done in like 2 minutes. [x]

$32 + Shipping
Meta Navy Princess Bolero
Never Worn by me, bought it off a user on EG


$54 + Shipping
Banana Fish Faux Leather Jacket *ON HOLD*
Worn twice by me, but in like new condition there are no visible flaws, very cute. 

$34 + Shipping
Off-brand Burgundy Skirt ( 30" waist, 23" length) 
NWOT, I got this as a gift from my non-lolita friend. I looks very pretty when worn and is perfect for taller lolita's. Unfortunately, it isn't of fantastic quality as a lot of the stitching is done in black [
x], the bow is also detachable but it is fixed on with a safety pin [x], however, other than that there aren't any visible flaws.

$58 + Shipping
Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron Cutsew
Never worn by me, however I am the second owner and it seems to have been worn and washed by the previous owner.

$13 + Shipping
Off-brand Deer and Snowflake Knit Cape
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