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!DS! 20% Price Reduction! Off brand jewelry, accessories, and shoes! CHEAP!

Payment accepted by Paypal and Paypal only at this time.
First come, first serve, unless a higher offer is made. First to leave paypal gets the item. If you do not pay within one day of leaving your paypal, the item will go to next in line (UNLESS conditions are made and discussed).


(please see personal journal link for more feedback).

I am a SLOW SHIPPER. I try to get out within 5 days of purchase. The longest I have gone before shipping is two weeks. This may seem like a lot to you, but this is all that is available to me. Please have patience. I will contact you with a scan of your shipping reciept after it is shipped out to assure you. As you can see by my feeback (in my journal), I haven't had any complaints from this system. However I understand this is not for everyone. If you are not comfortable with this, please kindly do not make the purchase. It will save us both some grief. ^^



Betsy Johnson Jewelry Set. Necklace and matching earrings included.
Purchase price of necklace: $60. Worn one time for about an hour.
Purchase price of earrings: $25. Never removed from packaging.
I am asking $50 shipped in the USA for this set. Or best offer. International, please inquire.
20% PRICE REDUCTION: NOW $40 Shipped in the USA!


(black on chain is a reflection from my camera, not tarnishing).


"Hello Kitty" Watch:


Please note that this is NOT an official Sanrio product. It is bootleg. Watch works excellently and has only been worn two times.
Asking price: $10 shipped.
20% PRICE REDUCTION: NOW $8 Shipped in the USA!

Hair Accessories:


Top Hat head band. Top hat is coated in sequins! The hat has started to become detatched from the felt that is on the band piece. This can be repaired by me with a dab of hot glue, but I wanted to mention it here first in case the buyer was wanting to fix it in another way. Additional pictures can be taken and provided upon request.
Asking price: SOLD


Pink bow headband. Has mini pear things in the center.
Asking price: SOLD


Zipper Head band. Not sure if this is allowed, will be removed if requested. It's pretty much a zipper fashioned into a flower. Worn once for about an hour.
Asking price: SOLD



Cabachon Headband. Definitely not the best quality, as you can see, clearly. Maybe someone could rip the cabachons off and use them for something? O_o
Asking Price: SOLD.


Cinnamoroll hair clip. He has a sad face. :,(
The charm dangles from the clip. It has never been worn. It was purchased at $12, so;
Asking price: SOLD



Small heels with bows on them. Could go with a more simple outfit, perhaps?
US size 7/7.5.
23.5 cm.
Asking price: $12 shipped (in an envelope).
20% OFF: NOW $9.60 Shipped in the USA (still in an envelope)


Black slightly-opened-toe heels.
US size 7/7.5
23.5 cm.
I wore these to see the Phantom of the Opera, and that is it.
Asking $15 shipped.
20% OFF: NOW $12 shipped in the USA! (in an envelope).

All prices are BEST OFFER! (within reason, please). YES, you do get discounts for buying more than one thing! :D ♥

Thank you for viewing!

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