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WTB skirts, bags, OPs, JSKs, etc

My feedback:
My Ebay feedback:

For my first immediate loli requirements- I need a petticoat! A good thick one, preferably not too expensive. I also am looking for a red cardigan with white hearts or polka dots on it, like this:

I'll also consider plain red cardigans if they're cute enough!

Finally, I need a pair of white or red loli shoes in size 11/27cm

On to the actual pieces wanted!

Dollhouse in cream (I know this shows the jsk, but I'm looking for the skirt)

Love Nadia skirt any color

Antique Clock OP in gray

Colorful Drop JSK in red

I am looking for this Dear Celine JSK. If anyone has it, I'm willing to make a big offer on it. It's my dream dress. I've been wanting it for months, but by the time I had the money it was gone. :(

If you have any SWIMMER bags you'd like to let go, please let me know! I'm really interested in the gift box looking ones.

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, bodyline, dear celine, innocent world, offbrand, swimmer
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