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DS: Pink Lolita Skirt, IW Handtowel, Cosmetic Bags and a Mirror

- My feedback page is here!
- Shipping is not included.
- I ship from Sweden! It will take about 2-3 days to package and ship depending if I need to go into town and pick up some packaging materials (if I don't have them on hand). We have a puppy and I can't leave her alone for very long so I try to ship at least 2 packages together unless I will only be selling 1 item it seems. I hope you are ok with this!)
- I recycle packaging! 
- Prices are negotiable!
- I take paypal and bank transfer from a swedish bank.

Malco Modes Pink Lacey Skirt: $27
It says size Small but it stretches from 30cm to 50cm laying flat! ^^
(don't mind the puppy, she only sniffed it)

Here is a photo of it worn: 

IW puppy hand towel: $7.50
It is brand new! It came in my lucky pack but I already have so many of these hand towels *_*

Offbrand Black Strawberry Cosmetic Bag: $6.50
Brand new and from Japan!
it measures 22x14cm!

Offbrand Sweets Makeup Bag (x2): $6.50 each
Brand new and from Japan!
measures 22x14cm!

Strawberry and Cherry Pocket Mirror! x2 : $4.50 each
Brand new! Really nice and durable mirror! Has a fake leather type texture. ^^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
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