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DS! BTSSB white socks, striped socks, cheap black mary janes 8W, velvet hair scrunchies

Information: I accept payments via paypal. I will ship internationally, so please request shipping quotes, but preference will go to U.S. buyers.
Location: western New York
Feedback: (I just bought some things from the egl comm, so that feedback should show up soon.)
I have a white cat, but I just received the socks, and they've been kept put away so allergens shouldn't be an issue with them.
U.S. shipping and paypal fees are included in the prices but insurance will be extra.
Reasonable best offers are welcome.

BTSSB strawberry and flower white socks - $17 shipped
I just received these socks from another comm seller in the mail and while they are super cute brand socks, they don't fit my plus-sized calves. They are used but clean. The embroidery is thick and lovely.

Offbrand striped socks - $6 shipped per pair.
I have a couple of extra pairs of these offbrand socks. They are such fun colors and perfect for Valentine's day.

Black heeled mary janes - size 8 Wide - $20 shipped ($1 more if you want the original shoebox that's in really good shape.)
I've had these shoes for a while, but I've only worn them a half dozen times or so. Unfortunately, I really need a larger size. They still have a 'new shoe' smell. I put grip pads into the front of the shoe that keeps your foot from sliding forward. They are very basic and would be easy to add shoe clips or ribbons to. There is a small scuff on the back of one shoe; the photo below shows it.

Green velvet scrunchies - $5 shipped each, two for $8
My grandmother made these for me from scraps of thick plush forest green velvet with a subtle leaf pattern on them. They are luxurious to the touch, and the only reason I'm getting rid of them is that I have several and my hair is no longer long enough to wear more than one at a time. There might be a few threads loose where she hand-sewed them closed, but you can't tell when wearing them because of all of the fabric. If I had a use for them, I'd assuredly keep them, but they deserved to be worn, so consider for your green coordinates.
Black scrunchie - no longer available

I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability.
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